Benefits of School Buses for Parents

Always on time

One of the most important benefits of school buses is that they arrive on time. Every morning, you know when the bus will be at your door to pick your kid. So accordingly, you can manage your timing and ensure that your little one reaches school on time.

On the other hand, when you choose to pick and drop your kid on your own, managing time becomes a little tricky, especially if you have more than one kid and they are in different schools or have different regimes.

Also, on rainy days or when you are sick, or your vehicle is not working, your kids either get late to the school or end up taking a leave.


School buses now come with GPS systems

GPS system on a school bus means we can always track the location of your kid.

At the same time, it is a blessing in times of emergency; we can easily track where the bus is and can reach the location immediately. 


Parents Receive Notifications.

As per the MST Features, parents receive the notifications thru anroid apps installed their cell phones or thru text message, as soon as their kid is dropped at school and picked from school at time off.


CCTV Camera in every School Van

Every MST Van has CCTV camera, thru which your kid is being watched all the time when he is in bus.


Kids make new friends

From a young age, kids get to learn a lot of new things. And when they travel in school buses, they not just make new friends, but they learn sharing, companionship and how to make new friends.

These things will help them for years to come. For school going kids’, school bus is usually the best place where they get to meet new kids and make friends.


Kids learn to take care of their things:

When kids use school buses, they learn to take care of their personal belongings, like a school bag, water bottle, and lunch box. This helps them in their overall development and well-being and makes them a responsible and independent individual.


Kids learn to manage their time

School buses daily come at the same stop on same time. As a result, kids become very conscious and careful about the timing and learn to complete their things on time.

They get ready on time to make sure that they catch their bus. Also, another motivating factor to catch the bus on time is the friend circle they have on their bus.


Parents have complete peace of mind

When using services of school buses, parents can rest assured about the conveyance and safety of their kids. They don’t have to worry about daily commute of their kids and to manage their to-do list according to the timing of the school.

They can easily carry on with their tasks and personal commitments with complete peace of mind that the school bus will pick and drop their kid on time, without a miss no matter what.

Benefits of School Buses from School’s Point of View

Classes can start on time

When you have school buses, you can be assured that kids and teachers will be on the school premises on time and classes can start on scheduled time. This makes the daily schedule as smooth as possible.


Keep parents updated on their kids’ location with a GPS system

With GPS system you can always keep parents updated about the location of their kids. They can check if the bus is following the given route and is on time. This creates a level of trust and parents become assured about the safety of their little ones.


It is an additional facility that you can offer to parents

Parents when choosing a school for their kids look for facilities that the school is offering. And by recommending MST school bus facility, schools  can increase their list of offerings and attract more and more parents.

Parents also feel relaxed that they don’t have to bother about daily dropping and to pick their kids.

General Benefits

Lesser Vehicles on the Road

When transporting a school student to and from school, parents need not take their vehicle out during the peak traffic hours. If a school bus carries 10-25 students, it means there are far lesser vehicles on the road.


Better Environment

When there is less number of vehicles on road, the emissions from vehicles are also reduced. Vehicle emissions include dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide, which has severe negative effect on the environment.

As school buses make it unnecessary for parents to transport students to and from schools, a significantly lower number of cars are there on the road, reducing the overall carbon footprint drastically. Thus, school buses contribute to a better environment.


Lower Accident Rate

Many studies over the years have repeatedly stated that school buses/Vans have a significantly lower number of accidents on road compared to students travelling by cars or small vans.  MST have experienced, Uniformed drivers. Their  minimum qualifications is matriculation.

So, if you have been confused about hiring services of a school bus for your kid, then now with these benefits listed above you know how you and your little one can benefit from the school bus, provided by MST and why you should also hire one for your kid.

 Our school transport equally beneficial for parents, students & schools. Reasonswe are approaching to schools,

: to let them know about the availability of best school transport in town

: to give them opportunity of benefiting from this service

; to inform the student who are unable to come to your school due to lack of transport

; teachers may use the transport if they require

 Keeping in view all above mentioned benefits, we expect that your school would start recommending our school transport, which has no competition in town, even in country, for the sake of safety and comfort of their students/teachers.